Breast Uplift

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    General Anesthesia


    Procedure Time

    1-3 Hours

    Overnight Stay

    1 Night

    Return To Work

    3-7 Days

    For many women, pitotic or sagging breasts are a concern. Breasts generally lose their aesthetics, firmness and dynamic shape over time. Aging, gravity, weight loss, a heavy diet program, pregnancy and breastfeeding all contribute to the development of sagging breasts. In cases like this we increase the size and shape of the breast by placing breast prosthesis. Medically, sagging breasts are unproblematic but when we consider woman’s psychology and self-esteem it plays a strong effect.

    Why and to Whom is Breast Uplift Performed?

    Patients who are generally satisfied with their breast size but have sagging breasts can undergo a breast lift operation for more aesthetic and tightened breasts. Some patients can feel unhappy because the volume of the breast may reduce through ages. This process starts varies from woman to woman. In addition to age, other factors like hormones, pregnancy, the size of the bust and lactation, connective tissue quality also plays important role.

    Risks and Complications

    Just like in any surgery there may be some risks in breast lifting operation. In order to prevent those risks you should stop taking medicine, stop smoking and plan your further pregnancies. Breast lift should be performed after weaning. The operation does not affect the breast-feeding ability but breast-feeding and pregnancy hormones can cause sagging of the breast after the operation. Bleeding, infection, unevenly positioned nipples, permanent lost of sensation in the nipples or breasts can also be listed as some rare risks.

    Pre-consultation before Breast Uplift

    Before the surgery your surgeon can require some test from you such as mammary ultrasonography (for patients under 40) or mammography tests (for patients over 40). Before the surgery your surgeon will listen your concerns and your expectations from the surgery. Before the operation you should stop taking blood thinners, aspirin and its derivatives. It is recommended not to smoke and use alcohol before and after the surgery.

    After Breast Uplift

    After the operation the patient should wear sports bras for 6 weeks. There may be numbing, swelling or pinkish color change on the skin. They will vanish in a short time. Depending on your work you can get back to your work in 3-4 days. You are recommended to avoid heavy sports at least for 3 months. The re-shaped breasts are long lasting. Breast lift surgery is an operation that gives good and permanent results.