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Mutual trust is one of the most important foundations in all our patient relations. In order to achieve this, we work with our expert translators in Turkey and provide face-to-face consultation services abroad. What makes us more reliable and honorable is that we place our patients at the center in all these activities and think about you in every step we take. This is one of the reasons why patients around the world choose us. It is our duty to make you feel safe and in safe hands in our hospital.


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Eastern Clinique was established with the aim to provide consultations, treatments and pre- and post-operative care in a manner which is individual to the service users' needs. Our objective is to work with only the best doctors, the most modern technology and the latest scientific methods. With our long-standing experience and expertise we are able to ensure a high level health service in line with international standards.

Mutual trust is one of the most important foundations in all our patient relations. We place the human being at the focal point in all of our activities what makes us the most proud. That’s the reason why patients around the world choose us.

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You can also contact us before your treatment process begins and share data about your health problems and get all kinds of information and support about the process.

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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery


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